What would you like to know?

I am a fifty-something (WOW…. Did I just say that? Where did my life go?) mom of four, Yaya (grandma) of five. Even though my kids are all adults now, that is probably how I will forever define myself. I call myself “fifty-something” not because I’m trying to be trendy or cutesy (neither of which I am) but because lately I can’t remember unless I do the math. And I despise math. Another fun fact you now know about me.

I am blogging to help me get over the loss of my Dad (six months ago) and fill the enormous hole it has left in my life.

Born and raised in the south into one of the most amazing families on the planet, I was raised with love and loyalty and tradition. Strong family values and morals were second nature.

I was the youngest of five (four girls and a boy) and have already lost my brother and one sister and my mom and most recently my dad, so I guess that makes me an orphan.

I am engaged to a wonderful man that I was already married to once, thirty years ago. I believe everything happens for a reason and this was definitely one of those things. We were married for a brief couple of years and I was blessed with my first son. Twenty five years later we found each other again thanks to our children and the internet (go figure). I was about five years out of a twenty two year marriage that blessed me with my other three amazing children.

I love to cook absolutely anything and I especially love to bake and decorate cakes, but I hate the dishes afterwards. YUK! I am happiest and the least stressed when I am in the kitchen surrounded by bubbling pots and a whirring Kitchenaid (the commercial model of course…. It was my Christmas present from my sweetie the second year we were back together). It gives me a sense of control and a huge sense of accomplishment when people are enjoying my food. They think it works out pretty good for them as well.

I love almost any kind of music but my favorite is seventies. When I am at my most manic you will find me in the kitchen drinking wine, covered in flour, dancing like a mad woman and singing along with Donna Summer. I’ve scared the dog a few times. The cat won’t even come in.

I was raised on good ole Italian catholic guilt by a great Mom. She’s been gone twenty years from lupus and I still miss her every day.
I prefer to be at home where I am safe and loved. I don’t much care for people other than my family and a very few choice friends. In general, people can be stupid and mean and thoughtless and I am perfectly happy not dealing with them whenever possible.
If I could be anywhere but here it would be the beach. Preferably one in Charleston SC, but probably any one would do. I don’t care what season or time of day. It calms my brain and soothes my soul.
If I could pick one word to describe myself it would be Random. That’s probably pretty evident based on what you’ve learned about me So far.
So to recap: new to blogging, missing my Dad, hate math, love love love my family and the beach, can do without people in general, love to cook, sing poorly but do it anyway, despise doing dishes and oh, did I mention, I REEEALLY miss my Dad.

First sign spring is coming to my yard. I wish it would hurry up.

First sign spring is coming to my yard. I wish it would hurry up.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I am happy (?) to finally get a chance to scroll around yours as well. I am sorry about the death of your father – grief sucks. I get it. I hope writing helps you as it does me, and I hope that reading the words of others, whether it be on other blogs like ours, or in comments here, brings some measure of….well, some measure of something (comfort?) that lightens the load.

    • It is crazy how grief can be so enormous it’s like another person has actually moved into the guest room. There are days when it’s so all-consuming its impossible to function. But I do think the writing is helping (thank goodness) to give me somewhere to focus other than how miserable I feel. And after seven months that makes me feel so selfish to the people around me that I’m supposed to be taking care of. Thanks for stopping by! It really does help.

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