It’s a Hard Knock Life

20140216-171209.jpgSix months ago today I became an orphan. A 51 year old orphan….. but an orphan none the less. I lost my Daddy unexpectedly and in the process I lost myself. Mom’s been gone 20 years and it was hard, but when I lost her I gained a best friend in my Dad, and I’m having a ridiculously hard time moving on since he’s been gone. I’m past the -stomping my feet and screaming “WHY!!!” up at the sky- stage of grief but man this isn’t getting ANY easier.
Why blog you ask? Why not. Everything that pops into my rambling little mind that I would normally share with him, I’ll share with you, whoever you are. I probably won’t blog to tell you there’s a Twilight Zone (the original, not the newer ones) marathon coming on….. Or maybe I will. It still makes me cry. But I will definitely be blogging my current successes and failures in the kitchen. Daddy LOVED everything I shared with him. He never met a plate of food he didn’t appreciate. He made me feel like a master chef.
I’ll post links and pics to my latest crafty endeavors. Daddy thought I was so talented no matter what the project was.
You’ll see lots of pics of my grand babies. They are the brightest light in my life right now. I can’t wait for you to meet them. I’ll share Daddy’s theory on how all little babies are angels. You’ll love it.
You’ll find my interests are very eclectic and random, but so am I.
That dashing man in the picture? That Indiana Jones looking guy that looks like he’s about to fly off on an adventure? He probably is. That’s him…that’s my Dad. You’ll be amazed at everything he crammed into his 86 years of LIFE! And he did it while being the most incredible Dad, husband, provider, friend, role model and SO much more.
So follow me thrill seekers, in my journey to figure out who I am now….or WHY I am now. It promises to be an interesting ride with a lot of twists and turns along the way. Bring your dramamine and buckle in.